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Paul M.A. Baker

Chair CACP Policy Advisory Council

Paul M.A. Baker, Ph.D., is the CACP Policy Advisory Council Chair at the Center for Advanced Communications Policy (CACP), and the Associate Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U), and holds the rank of Senior Research Scientist with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Baker is also an Adjunct Professor with the School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, and holds an appointments as Professor, (Courtesy Appointment), Ph.D. Program in Public Affairs, College of Health and Public Affairs, University of Central Florida, and Adjunct Professor, the Centre for Disability Law & Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Recent projects include policy barriers to the adoption of wireless technologies by people with disabilities, teleworking and people with disabilities, social media, online collaboration and virtual communities, collaborative policy networks, and e-accessibility and e-government, and community participation and engagement, education policy evaluation and educational technologies. He is also involved in international policy research, especially as it relates to issues of technological accessibility and information technologies. Baker holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Mason University, an M.P. in Urban Planning from the University of Virginia, and an M.A. in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University. He serves on the editorial boards of Assistive Technology Journal, International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce (IJCEC), Journal of Information Technology & Politics, The Journal of eWorking, and the Journal of Disability Policy Studies, and is on the review panels for ten other journals.

Selected articles include:

Moon, N.W., and Baker, P.M.A, (2012) "Assessing Stakeholder Perceptions of Workplace Accommodations Barriers: Results from a Policy Research Instrument," Journal of Disability Policy Studies (in press).

Baker, P.M.A., Sandulli, F.D., Rata, B.M., B.M. and López Sánchez, B.M. (2011), “Information Technology, Complementary HRM Practices and Its Effect On The Productivity Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises." Human Resource Management (in press).

Ward, Andrew, Baker, Paul. M.A., and Moon, Nathan. (2011) ‘'Issues in Workplace Accommodations for People with Disabilities.” Philosophy for Business No. 67, 26th May 2011.

Noonan, D.S., Baker, P.M.A., Seavey, A., and Moon N.W. (2011) “Where the Cathedrals and Bazaars Are: An Index of Open Source Software Activity and Potential.” Vol 8(3) Journal of Information Technology and Politics.

Forman, A.E., Baker, P.M.A., Pater, J. and Smith, K. (2011) “Beautiful to me: Identity, disability, and gender in virtual environments.” International Journal of E-Politics, V.2 (2) 1-17.

Baker, P.M.A. and Moon, N.W. (2010).“Policy Development and Access to Wireless Technologies for People with Disabilities: Results of Policy Delphi Research”, Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS). 9(3) 227-237.

Baker, P.M.A., Fairchild A.M and Pater, J. (2010). "E-Accessibility and Municipal Wifi: Exploring A Model For Inclusivity And Implementation." International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development. 2(2) pp 52-66.

Bricout, J.C. and Baker, P.M.A. (2010). "Deploying Information And Communication Technologies (ICT) To Enhance Participation In Local Governance For Citizens With Disabilities." International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development 2(2) pp. 34-51.

Bricout, J.C. and Baker, P.M.A. (2010). “Leveraging Online Social Networks For People With Disabilities In Emergency Communications And Recovery.” International Journal of Emergency Management. Vol. 7(1) pp. 59-74.

Baker, P.M.A., Hanson, J. and Myhill, W. (2009). "The Promise of Municipal WiFi and Failed Policies of Inclusion: the Disability Divide." Information Polity. Vol. 14 (1-2) 47-59.

Ward, A., Baker, P.M.A. and Moon, N.W. (2009). “Ensuring the Enfranchisement of People With Disabilities,” Journal of Disability Policy Studies. 20 (2): pp79-92.

Baker, P.M.A. and Moon, N.W. (2008). “Wireless Technologies And Accessibility for People With Disabilities: Findings From A Policy Research Instrument,” Journal of Assistive Technology. Vol. 20.3. Fall.

Baker, Paul M.A., and Andrew C. Ward. (2002). “Bridging Temporal and Spatial “Gaps”: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Defining Communities.” Information Communication and Society. Vol. 5 (2) 207-224.

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